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Centre of the community

The Kholofelo Ya Josefa (Saint Joseph's Place of Hope) Centre was established by the St Vincent de Paul Society in a disused crêche in Alexandra Township – one of the oldest townships in Johannesburg.

The Centre is used by the entire comunity – from the elderly to the youth – for hosting meetings, adult education courses, domestic worker training and dances, to providing a secure venue in which children can do supervised homework.

Most importantly, it provides a base for our Home-based Care project, which the community indicated was their greatest need. Clothes, blankets, wheelchairs, food, ePap and materials for crèches are stored and distributed from the Kholofelo Centre.

donate23 trained volunteers, mainly from St Hubert's Church, attend to sick and frail people in the community – from those who are bedriden, to the lonely who just want to chat. All this is done with great love.

Many would say that this is the truest form of Vincentian actions – to just sit and be with people .. to share your time, some jokes and a cup of tea. Strangely, it is the hardest and most challenging act!

The establishment of the Kholofelo Centre – and all the work done there – is funded by donations. Without support from people like you, we could not continue.

If you would like to visit the Kholofelo Centre and see for yourself the work that is being done, please contact David Rose on tel. 076 120 6009 or Patrick Lorentz on tel. 082 5745 933


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Food parcels

Home Based Care is the major service
provided by the Kholofelo Centre

St Vincent de Paul Society is a Public Benefit Organisation (NPO 003/193) and all donations are tax deductible.




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